Antibiotics Abuse- What Do You Really Know?



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#1. Did you know that it's possible to abuse antibiotics?

#2. Is it possible to overuse antibiotics?

#3. Antibiotics treat infections caused by

#4. Should you take antibiotics for cough and catarrh?

#5. Should you take antibiotics after sex to prevent pregnancy?

#6. Should you buy antibiotics based on the chemist's advice?

#7. It's okay to stop taking your antibiotics once you feel better, even if your prescription still requires you to take it for a few more days?

#8. Is it right to give person B the antibiotics prescribed for person A just because they look like they have similar symptoms?

#9. Is it ok to still keep using antibiotics even though your prescription says you should stop, but you just want to finish the pack?

#10. If you miss a dose of your antibiotics, should you take a double dose to make up for it?

#11. Is it true that if you misuse antibiotics, you'll build a resistance to them and make them less effective the next time you use them?