Are you keeping your toothbrush safe from germs?

Your toothbrush determines your dental health and mouth refreshes, however it’s very important that you replace your toothbrush with another one after illness, to avoid bacteria being passed to other family members of yours. Don’t always store your brush with other brushes in the same holder, avoid contacts with other brushes as bacteria live on toothbrush after usage but would eventually die right in the presence of oxygen.

Toothbrushes should be taken proper care of, when it comes to keeping it clean at all time, as most toothbrush carry bacteria after usage for some time, so it’s expected that you soak the head of your toothbrush in mouthwash denture cleaner or boil it in a toothbrush sanitizer, you can use very hot water to rinse your toothbrush, if you can’t afford to apply any of other measures stated earlier.

Naturally all humans have a natural load of bacteria living right inside your mouth, so it’s necessary you take care of your toothbrush to avoid oral disease.


  1. Don’t share your toothbrush: the bacterium in your mouth is way good enough for you, so don’t accommodate bacteria from other people’s mouth, as it’s far way not good for your health.
  2. Store it in a cool place: ensure your toothbrush is in a cool dry place in a holder, storing your brush in a cup or dirty container can breed mold or bacteria that could lead to some disease of the gum.
  3. Replace it every 3-4 months: do not hesitate to replace your toothbrush if the bristles have become frayed, always replace your toothbrush if you are just getting treated of any fungal or viral disease before and after treatment.
  4. Protect your teeth: once you notice a discoloration in your teeth, it’s an indication that you need to replace your toothbrush fast and ensure you always rinse any residue of toothpaste in your brush to avoid stocking bacteria in your toothbrush.


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