Are You Ready For The Christmas Holidays? Take This Quiz To Find out!

  The Christmas holidays are drawing closer and we can’t be more excited! But, the big question we have to ask is this; are you really ready for the holidays? Take our quiz to find out how prepared you are for the holidays, your results will definitely surprise you!   


Ho Ho Ho! You seem to be totally ready for Christmas! We admire your level of preparedness and planning! 

Uh-oh! You have a lot to do to get ready for the holidays! Look out for an article showing you how to get ready for the holidays!


#1. Do you have a plan for Christmas?

#2. Have you bought the gifts or hampers you intend to distribute for Christmas?

#3. Have you stocked up food for the festive season?

#4. Have you bought your Christmas and New Year outfits?

#5. Have you addressed your Christmas cards or composed the Christmas texts that you intend to send out?

#6. Have you made plans for your Christmas travels?

#7. Have you set up your Christmas decorations?

#8. What's the best part of Christmas for you?

#9. Have you attended any Christmas Carol program?

#10. Do you have a budget for your Christmas expenses?

#11. Do you have any plans to stay healthy this Christmas?

#12. Do you still think you're ready for Christmas?


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