How To Avoid Getting Fat In This Era Of Pizza, Junks

Getting fat is definitely not a dream for a good number of us.

It feels as though, we should be able to eat just anything we want to eat and at any time, but we should still retain our slim fine figure (for those who are slim already) and flat tummy.

I once stumble on a meme that read ‘every girl’s big dream is not to find Mr. Right, but to eat the world and not get fat.’ If you ask me, I think it’s true… Lol.

getting fat

Anyway, getting fat isn’t bad but becoming bigger than what your height can support (using a BMI chart to know your obesity status), becomes a challenge. So, we’d rather maintain a healthy state by ensuring we aren’t fatter than what’s necessary and required.

Back to the issue of getting fat in this era of pizza, shawarma, chocolate and the likes. How can anyone survive this?

First of all, as much as regard that lifestyle (eating junk foods and the likes) as enjoyment, it’s quite unfortunate that it’s only a temporal kind of enjoyment.

Most of these junks are rich in added fat or processed carbs, which aren’t healthy to the body because they contain little or no nutrients, which means, your body is temporarily full with empty foods that don’t provide nourishment, so even though you may have eaten a lot of calories, you won’t be satisfied for long and they end being stored in the body as fat in the adipose tissue leading to abdominal fat and obesity over time.

getting fat

However, sometimes, we really can’t help it when we crave these foods. Well, as long as it isn’t an every time thing, it’s okay to crave them. On the other hand, here are some tips to help you deal with your cravings for these foods (you don’t want to find yourself craving them every now and then).

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The truth is that if you find yourself constantly craving these junk foods, then your healthy eating habit is poor. So, the real deal here is how to make healthy eating a habit alongside how to handle your cravings for junk foods in order to avoid getting fatter.

1. Ditch processed foods and go natural to avoid getting fat.

getting fat

Stick to a whole-food plant based diet or any meals that you cook at home like yam, potatoes, beans, moi moi, plantain, vegetables, salads, fruits, local rice and the likes.

2. Be sure to balance your every meal.

In order to meet your daily nutritional requirement, try taking a balanced diet of 45% carbs, 30% protein, and 25% healthy fats and veggies.

3. Curb your snack/junk foods cravings with protein and other healthy options.

getting fat

For instance, try dark chocolate in place of milk chocolate, smoothie or plain yogurt in place of ice cream and soda, chicken salad or chicken wheat bread sandwich for shawarma, healthy whole wheat pizza for pizza, grilled chicken for suya, plain popcorn for the chips and the likes.

One more secret to avoid getting fat is consistency. These habits should be a lifestyle, not a one-time thing as healthy living (as the name implies) is a continuous habit that would end up giving you a healthy, functioning system.

Remember, it’s a gradual process.

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