Is There Really a Bad Time To Exercise?

As important as exercise is, certain times during the day would give better results than other times. The best time to exercise should be just the time that works for you. There isn’t a set time that works for everyone. It is more about your personal preference, your schedule and physiology.

Despite this fact, certain times are a no no for you. Exercising during those times would not yield optimum results. In fact, it may further expose you to risk. Some situations warrant that you take a break from your routines.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”z8bfG” via=”yes” ]The best time of the day for a person to exercise should be just the time that works for you.[/ctt]

Conditions that make it bad time to exercise.

Injury: Especially in those body parts that would require repetitive movements during your routine such as joint injuries. Exercising when you have these kinds of injuries wouldn’t be as productive and it could also worsen the injury.

Signs of illness: Whether it is a flu or fever, it is advisable to stay off your routine for a few days. Your body would need all it can get to first recover from whatever may be ailing it. When it isn’t so severe, you can still afford to work out but make sure it isn’t so vigorous and you are comfortable with the flow.

Just before going to bed. When you exercise vigorously, it gets your blood flowing and your heart racing more than before and that is not the best state for your body to fall asleep. So if you must do evening workouts, make sure you give your body enough time to rest and normalize before falling asleep.

You are evidently stressed. If you are having a long week, you probably shouldn’t work out as you normally would.  It is very risky to ignore the signs our bodies give out. Fatigue is a way of your body crying out for a break. So, listen to your body, take a break and come back to your exercise routine after you are well rested.

Conclusively, what is very key is that you find a workable schedule for you and do your best to stick with it. And please, give your body rest when it calls for it.

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