It’s a great day and another beautiful week ahead of us. I trust you are having a nice time wherever you are. I feel elated sharing with you another exciting health fact. To start with, I’m sure many of us at one point or the other might have sipped a cup of coffee or tea either at home or at the place of work. But the question is; when you take your coffee or beverages, do you normally take them at a very high temperature or at an optimum temperature? Here is the big question: did you know W.H.O warns that taking coffee or beverages at a very high temperature may trigger the chance of you having esophageal cancer? Whoops! Surprised?

Now, for some of us who take tea or coffee at a very high temperature, we may stand the chance of being exposed to this type of cancer (esophageal) compared to others who drink theirs at a lesser temperature.

Esophagus is a muscular tube of about 10 inches, which enhances the transfer of food from the mouth into the stomach. While cancer cells are body cells that grow and form mass of tumors or tissues, which are capable of spreading to the other organs of the body.


So the following are the common symptoms of esophageal cancer: heartburn, chest pain, weight loss, vomiting, hoarse voice and pains while swallowing food.

Now, from the report W.H.O gave, it states that taking drinks that are beyond 149 degrees Fahrenheit might expose the esophagus to esophageal cancer. You don’t really need to place a thermometer to measure that, but the safe and standard temperature needed to take that coffee is 140 degrees and so if you are drinking your beverages or coffee at a very high temperature (177-185 degrees), you stand a chance of exposing yourself to this type of cancer.

The same report says that there is a reduction in the risk of having liver cancer when you take coffee, just as taking tea helps reduces the risk of having heart diseases and stroke. So, the point is not to discourage the consumption of coffee; however, the emphasis here is on the temperature at which you take your beverage or coffee.

My dear reader, it is advisable to cool off your drink a bit before consuming them to avoid complications.

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