Commonest Dieting Mistakes Nigerians Make

Weight loss is a major issue in the minds of most Nigerians. When trying to lose weight a lot of people engage in dieting. They try to cut out the fatty foods and also eat lesser quantities. However, their old jeans still don’t fit because they aren’t losing weight. There are a lot of dieting mistakes Nigerians make. Here is a list of the commonest of them.

Dieting Mistakes Nigerians Make.

  • You eat only three times daily.
    And those three times are strictly breakfast, lunch and dinner. This might not be the best option. This is because to up your metabolism game, there is need for you to eat every three to four hours. So, it is very okay to snack even when dieting. You only need to watch that it is healthy and moderate in portion. It isn’t so much about the number of times you eat as it is about the food itself and the portion.
    dieting mistakes
  • Forgetting to sleep.
    Study says that those that don’t sleep enough are more likely to gain weight. Cutting down on the hours you spend sleeping can ruin all your dieting. Be careful to stick to the recommended hours (seven to nine hours daily)
  • Eating too early in the evening.
    Eating too early in the evening especially when you are staying up late into the night. If you have your dinner at about 5pm or 6pm, when it is about 11pm and you are still up, you’d get hungry again. When you get hungry at that such time, there is the tendency that you’d either reach out to some unhealthy snack or you don’t give the healthy food you eat enough time to digest.
    dieting mistakes
  • Too much of ‘good’ food.
    When you always opt for fruits, veggies and other low calorie foods, you risk trouble in the long run. This is because those ‘good’ foods may not contain the needed carbohydrate to ward off hunger and keep you filled. Portion control is also another issue. The fact that a food is healthy doesn’t mean it is okay to finish a pot of it.