Coping with the current weather condition at night

Waking up to a good day is dependent on how you spend your night.

Sleeping in a conducive environment is one thing everyone would crave for as it is also beneficial to our health. But with the current state of things in the country (our economy), most of us at one stage or the other would have experienced tough times coping (especially at night).

The lack of power, thus resulting in the burning of fuels and use of solar to survive might have been a source of refuge to most individuals. (Although not everyone can afford this)

Even with the fact that we are in the rainy season, the current weather condition is still not favorable to most individuals as the residual heat emitted from the scorching sun during the day could still affect our night time.

Here, a few tips would be shared on how to manage and survive in these harsh conditions at night.

The cold water bath: Try as much as possible to have a cold water bath before bed as this helps not only as a means of keeping your body clean, but also regulating your whole body temperature.

Avoid putting on heat emitting clothes: Just your pyjamas is okay for this kind of condition. Avoid stacking up so many clothes on your body. Clothes like jean and other black materials are prone to emit heat, thus making sleep uncomfortable.

Avoid suffocating yourself: In a bid to fight mosquitoes, do not undertake certain measures like burning coils. (This could be very harmful to your health). The use of insecticide is still preferable, or rather mosquito nets could still be used.

Accept Ventilation: Open up your windows and allow natural air in. Except in conditions where due to air conditioners you’d have to close them.

A neat environment too helps: This enhances good sleep. Try as much as possible to make your environment clean at all time. Arrange your room and lay neatly on your bed clean bedspreads.

Use of Dusting powders: Where the condition at night is quite unbearable due to heat, dusting powders are quite helpful. They help soothe the skin, thus reducing the chances of you having rashes.

Hope you find this useful?