Did You Know Zobo Drink Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Who else loves the sight of a cold Zobo drink with a cut lemon by the side? I know I do. The bright red drink is one of the commonest local drinks within our community. Plus, it is super affordable and easy to make, hence you find it in the refrigerators of most home. Made from Roselle leaf or what is known as Hibiscus Sabdariffa. A lot of other secondary ingredients are added to taste by people as they wish. Still, with or without those ingredients, the drink is a very tasty and refreshing one.

Beyond the lovely taste and refreshing feel, the amazing health benefits of Zobo drink just keeps me sipping it.

zobo drink

A few amazing health benefits of Zobo drink.

1. Zobo drink contains ingredients full of anti-hypertensive properties hence; it helps normalize blood pressure, preventing hypertension, high blood pressure.

2. It is also a super appetite booster. It contains ingredients with anti-bacterial properties that could combat any bacteria or worm in the digestive tract.

3. Another amazing health benefit of Zobo drink is that it is very rich in ascorbic acid and vitamin C. The presence of this nutrient makes the drink a cure for fever, infections and the like.

4. Zobo is also known to contain some diuretic properties which help in weight loss!

5. This very special drink also has anti-oxidant essences. Hence it does boost the immune system, preventing the body from diseases.

6. It is also a safe drink for people with kidney diseases since it contains no oxalic and urine acid.

7. A perfect drink for diabetics. Zobo drink is one that can be enjoyed with or without sugar. It is one drink that can help control blood sugar level.

8. The drink is also rich in so many other nutrients with amazing health benefits. Some of them are riboflavin, niacin, carotene, calcium and iron.

As amazing as Zobo drink is, it is not advisable for a pregnant woman. Also, it should not be taken in excess, moderation is key.

It might also interest you to know that beyond the shores of Nigeria, Zobo drink is enjoyed all over the world with different secondary ingredients. I look forward to tasting the one served in Tanzania…
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