Effects of Laptop on Your Lap

While it is certainly convenient to place your laptop on your lap, the convenience may not be worth the consequences. Know the dangers associated with placing a laptop on your lap or other parts of your body.

Well, they are being called laptops for a reason, we all may think. A lame man’s interpretation of the word “laptop” could mean a pc which the most ideal place to have it positioned when operating should be on our laps.

Most people usually prefer their laptops being on their laps, others prefer their stomach, while another set prefer their chest; this could be as a result of which position is the most comfortable or most preferred for them.

Its Effects

As stated earlier, it is highly ironic, but your laptop could be dangerous when placed on your lap. Here are a few effects of having your laptop placed on your lap.

Male Fertility Issues

Though this shouldn’t be the first danger to be discussed, but it is one of the most important as it deals and endangers male fertility. Setting a laptop on your lap can cut off air flow to the vital area and trap a man’s testicles from the heat that the laptop generates, as the scrotum are is very fragile and has been adapted to remain at a same temperature in different conditions.



Toasted Skin Syndrome

The heat being emitted from laptops when in use could endanger an individual to certain risks. When using your laptop for a heavy or demanding purpose, the laptop tends to heat up faster. Exposure to this heat can cause a condition that is called “toasted leg syndrome” and scientifically known as “erythema abigne”. The area affected develops a blotchy pink or red rash and the condition tends to develop over time.

Long-Term Cancer Risks

Placing your laptop on your lap could also put an individual at a risk of having long term cancer. Prolonged skin inflammation can potentially increase chances for squamous cell skin cancer – this is most aggressive than the normal skin cancer.

Electric Shock

Having your laptop placed on your lap increases your risk of being electrocuted by electricity. Depending on the current of the power pack of your laptop and its wiring, some places are prone to discharge electricity while in use and could lead to electric shocks (maybe small vibes at some places) if placed on the lap or other parts of the body while operating.


Having your laptop placed on other parts of your body like your stomach and chest still endangers more health risks for an individual.


It is quite fortunate that these problems could be prevented easily. It is therefore recommended that you avoid placing your laptop directly on your lap when in use. If at all you have to place it on your lap, it is advised you get a lap pad or cooling pad to reduce the heat, as this will help protect against toasted skin syndrome alone.


From superficial skin discoloration to potential fertility issues, the dangers of having your laptop placed on your lap while operating are quite alarming but could still be easily avoided.