Eko Fit Festival: The Unforgettable Experience

Last weekend was indeed one to remember with the Eko Fit Festival around to spice it up. The Festival which took place at the Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island Lagos and it encapsulated fitness, fun and social networking. The festival was an outdoor event which was divided into three sections.

The morning section fully saw health and fitness consisting of various classes. This was followed by the afternoon section which was a family fun time. The open space of the park provided a perfect environment for exercises. The open space was surrounded by a row of stands for vendors which had so many healthy products like grills, smoothies and other drinks.

The event kicked off at about 10am with some Yoga exercises. The event hosted instructors which led the participants in a series of yoga exercises involving several Yoga poses. These exercises were the perfect way to kick-start the event. Ms Uche, one of the yoga instructors shed more light about the practice, stating that “Yoga is not just another exercise for your physical body but Yoga helps to connect to your higher self.”

After some time doing several yoga poses, the participants moved on to high intensity training. This exercises involved fast beat music. The exercises were designed to be intense therefore, was done at intervals and were inter-spaced with periods of rests.

A good rest with some chilled smoothies was one way to end the high intensity exercise class.

The morning session continued with dance. The dance wasn’t the regular kind of party-grooving dance to just have fun. It was dance aerobics, one that came with health benefits. This session seemed less stressful but it kept the participants engaged.

The instructor in charge of this session made it known that this form of exercise was made up of a rhythmically controlled movement of the body to the beat of the music at the instance of your instructor. The exercises involved dancing to the beats of regular hip music.

To wrap up the fitness section, the participants took part in Tai-chi. Tai-chi? Yes Tai-chi. The Tai-chi you see in movies. Sure, it was lot of fun as the participants made those moves you see in movies with the accompanying shrill sounds.

It wasn’t as complex as Jet Li’s or Jackie’s moves but definitely good enough to pique their interest. The instructors even went ahead to explain how the moves can be used in self defense. Asides, self-defense, Tai-chi is an excellent way of keeping fit.

The other sessions phased into the family fun time. By this time, the park buzzed with so much excitement as more people trooped in to take part in the fun. The afternoon session was indeed fun filled for both adults and kids.

Picnics, beer garden, and game sections were held and the children’s corner also had it buzzing with so much fun. It was never a dull moment at the Eko Fit Festival.

Here are other pictures from the event:

The event as planned was wrapped up with a very nice movie and a disco party.

Who else is looking forward to the next edition with me? I definitely am!