Go Nuts on these foods to improve your Sexual Life

A poor sexual life can make an individual go nuts. So in a bid to improve your sexual life, there are certain measures an individual must take. One of them is by having to pay attention to what you consume. 

One very vital aid to an individual’s sexual and reproductive health are nuts. They are rich in so many vitamins and minerals like zinc, magnesium, selenium, fibre, and vitamin E. Nuts are excellent sources of good fatty acids which help to reduce cholesterol, improve the health of arteries and reduce heart disease risks. All these in turn aid in boosting your sexual and reproductive health hormones.

From almonds to pistachios, to groundnuts, walnuts, cashews and the likes, nuts provide boosting to an individual’s sexual life, asides from being very beneficial to health. One good thing about these nuts is that they are readily available, easy to preserve, and are very snacky. (You can munch on them all day). One might ask, “are they specific nuts for certain sexual elements?” Yeeeaaah.. Why not?

Here, I would be sharing 5 of these amazing nuts that would help improve your sexual life.


sexual life

The scent of this nuts begins the music for a woman (arousing). No one is left out here, not even the men, because the amino acid which is highly present in almonds aid in relaxing blood vessels and increase blood circulation, thus increases sexual potency in men.

Cashew Nuts

For firmer erection in men, cashew nuts are the realest, anyday, anytime. They are excellent sources of magnesium and zinc, and these elements are known to be boosters of testosterone and they aid in increasing sperm count. Cashew nuts also increases the sexual desire and pleasure in both men and women. So if you are looking for one to hold on to to boost your mood, cashew nuts are just the right thing to munch.


sexual life booster

Whether fried, cooked or in its induced form, groundnuts are great sexual boosters.  They contain zinc which is known for producing healthier sperm in men. They also contain L-arginine amino acid for the production of nitric acid to boost erection. Groundnuts also reduce cholesterol, providing free flow of blood to vital organs during sex.


Not so common here in Nigeria, pistachios help in reducing cholesterol levels and allow blood to travel all over and down to a man’s powerhouse. They also sustain firmer erection as it leads to easier blood circulation during sex, thereby adding a boost to an individual’s sexual life.


Another one which you could go nuts for in order to give a boost to your sexual life is Walnut. They are a good source of omega-3-fatty acids, which is known to boost the brain’s pleasure chemical. Walnuts also contain amino acid; arginine, which increases the production of nitric oxide for erection.

No one wants to be reckoned for having a bad sexual life. (You really don’t want to be normal and look at what you enjoy go bad). Go nuts! And watch your sexual life become better. Don’t mention.. what are friends for?