For the Owambe Lovers – Here’s how to party right!

So it’s another weekend again and if you are like me weekends are very exciting! There’s lots of owambe to attend to and parties are just beautiful… There aren’t without their downsides though and sometimes these downsides just want to discourage you. But hey, don’t worry, help is here! Here’s how to party right:

I’ll share a few quick tips on how to party right in order to ensure you don’t partake of the downsides of weekend partying. These are coming from an experienced owambe lover…

  • Do your best to eat before the function, however, little to ensure you don’t get too hungry and eat too much. An empty stomach would consume just about anything and in large quantity. Having something in your stomach also helps facilitate alcohol absorption.
  • Take a little of whatever you are eating. Truth be told you can never be so sure of the source and how it was prepared. So, I really love ofada rice but I always try to eat as small as I can manage. Episodes of a running stomach would teach you this.
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  • Keep your alcohol consumption in check. You don’t want a video of you misbehaving flying around the office on Monday morning. You could dilute your drink instead of downing full alcohol. When you eat as you drink, it helps check how much you consume… Healthy snacks are a great option. Taking lots of water asides keeping you hydrated would help also fill up some space in your stomach hence keeping your alcohol in check.
  • Don’t just sit. Walk around. Meet friends. Dance! Burn some calories as you party… especially if you are consuming alcohol.
  • I know it can be difficult but try as much as you can to focus on anything else but food and drink. Ensuring your sitting area is quite a distance from the serving area or bar is a good way to start.
  • Dress as comfortably as you can…
  • Plan beforehand your journey to the party and back. And do try to have a backup plan just in case. A party is a wrong place to get stranded in.
  • Finally be safety conscious! Trust ye no stranger, don’t accept drinks from strangers… Don’t leave your food, drink uncovered and walk away. If you must walk away, do leave it in the care of trusted company.

Viola! There you have it.
Have fun and thank me later… 🙂


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