Handy health tips for busy moms

The role of a mother is without doubt one of the most important and yet demanding jobs. Yes, it is a Job. Taking care of the home is actually a lot of work. Today, modern day moms are faced daily with lots of issues, one prominent issue they face is keeping up and maintaining their health as they are always busy and often times stressed out. Combining the role of being a mother with career is one very hard task a lot of moms deal with, and even moms that are housewives are often stressed out as taking care of the home can be very tasking and arduous especially for moms with growing kids.


At ask.healthfacts.ng/healthfacts, We love and appreciate our moms; both housewives and career women and we would love them to be healthy always! Hence, In this piece, we would look at handy health tips for busy moms.

Maintain and build a personal healthy eating habit: Some moms have the habit of making food for every other person but themselves, they always have the assumption that not everyone will finish their meal, so they avoid wastage by eating the leftovers of the kids’ food, or the father’s. The implication of this act of eating leftover is two-fold. Sometimes, the leftovers are not sufficient to satisfy the mom but because she did not exactly plan with herself in the picture, she just eats what is left. The other side to this is moms adding unnecessary weight because they eat the leftover after eating their own portion, which is extra calories especially baby foods. This is understandably to avoid wastage, I would however advocate for other forms of avoiding wastage, like ensuring no person is given beyond what he can consume or by starting with small portions for everyone and subsequently dishing out more as they may need.

Exercise regularly: A friend of mine once teased his wife of building muscles, as their last born as at then was a clingy baby, and his mom had to carry him a lot of times on her arms. Though that was just a tease, for some other moms, its them running round the house with a child, or joining in a football game or jumping ropes with the kids or even joining a gym with childcare. However form it comes, it is necessary that exercise is regularly practiced. Apart from keeping fit and staying healthy, exercise helps maintain your emotional and mental stability and serves as a relaxation avenue.


Sleep well! Although I believe moms are awesome and are super-fabulous, I do not entirely agree with the fact that they are super-humans. They also deserve the average 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Moms too deserve quality sleep, and they should take out time to sleep well.

Beyond physical health, the state of mental and emotional health of moms is very critical as over time it affects the whole family in one way or the other. Build a schedule. be honest with yourself, Understand and respect your limits. Do not expect too much from your self, be honest in your evaluation of yourself and others too, it would save you a lot of stress.

Make yourself a priority: You are equally important! Allow yourself some space. I know of a mom that often takes out time to rest and covers her face up in bed with a huge blanket. Her kids knew that it was her signal for “time out” and they would always say, “Mom is in the blanket, lets not disturb”. Although, they are not always faithful to their “do-not-disturb plan”, she made the kids understand she too needs a break and a nap time, and she trained them to respect it. Give your self time to breathe. So dear moms, take time to rest, go out, relax with your friends, live, love, Laugh!