Health Myths You Need to Debunk This Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and just before you go on to enjoy yourself, take this quiz to see if you need to debunk any health myths!


Congratulations! You’re all set to have a good time and stay healthy this Christmas!

Too bad! You need to pay closer attention to your health going forward!

Sad smile
Sad smile

#1. Do you think that it's alright to eat and drink as much as you want this holiday without repercussions?

#2. Are you making plans for your post holiday detox? Do you plan to take herbal concoctions and tea to cleanse your system after the holidays?

#3. Do you take antibiotics to make your catarrh go away faster?

#4. Do you believe that sweating a lot means you're losing fat a lot?

#5. Are you planning to stay away from carbs this season so you won't gain weight?

#6. Can eating only fruits make you fat?

#7. Taking shisha or electronic cigarettes or vapes is healthier than smoking cigarettes.

#8. Is it okay to feel mentally stressed during the holidays even though its meant to be a season of rejoicing?


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Dr. Omotola Oke


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