Do you have an health related question? ASK!!


Do you have an health related question? ASK ASK ASK !!!“What foods are healthy for me to eat as a diabetic?” “Can I have HIV by touching an infected person?” “What are the side effects of eating too much sugar?” These are only a few of the pressing health questions we have that desperately need to be answered. As much as you probably do not have the time to queue in a hospital and buy an hospital card in order to have your question answered, you also want answers from a trusted and certified health professional.

The good news is that at Healthfacts, we do not only go the extra mile to bring relevant health information to your screen, we have just the right portal for you to have all of your questions answered by qualified health professionals.

Here is how it works:
(i) You sign up on our Ask portal after which you get to ask your question.
(ii) Your question is displayed alongside other questions and other members get to vote based on the
(iii) The most voted question would be answered by a certified health professional.

So what are you waiting for? Join in; it only takes a minute

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