On Lekki Floods: Risks after the flood subsides

The Lekki floods this past week was a major issue. Houses, the streets and major roads were flooded with so much water. Sadly, there were records of loss of lives and many properties were left in bad shape. My heart goes out to the affected parties. I hope that soon enough, the cause would be identified and a solution proffered.

I was grateful when I saw the beautiful radiance of the sun on Monday morning. That was the beginning of the drying out of the flood. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. There are a lot of hazards that remain even after the flood has subsided. Lots of physical and psychological health issues follow the occurrence of a flood. It is very good that you be acquainted with the possible risks and learn how you can protect yourself and others from these risks. I’d be sharing a few of these risks in this article.

Health risks that remain after the flood subsides.

Rise in the number of mosquitoes and hence, occurrence of malaria. Mosquitoes thrive in places like stagnant water and other wetland. The ground after a flood would have lots of these in different locations especially the first few days after. This gives mosquitoes the perfect breeding place and malaria follows. Hence, people around the affected area should double their anti-mosquito squad. Don’t fail to use mosquito nets around the house and spray with insecticide to get rid of the ones that made it inside the house. They are also dermatologically tested lotions that repel mosquitoes. Do well to use any of these options to protect yourself.

After the flood - lekki flood

Wild animals from the water body may have made it to around your habitation. Be very careful to clear out and block any open spot that links to outside the house. Be at alert.

Injury from falls and slips. As the flood waters recede, the surfaces remain irregular and slippery especially in the presence of muddy sand. Good footwear with firm grasp on the ground would be of great help and would go a long way in preventing falls and injuries.

Lekki floods - after the flood

People around affected area become more vulnerable to infections. The dirty water the flood beings around our homes beings with it a lot of harmful bacteria. These bacteria can get into the body through a cut or mere contact. It is advisable you do not allow direct contact between your skin and the water. Always have your footwear on and cover your body properly. In cases where it is unavoidable and you have contact with the water; be sure to wash properly immediately you are indoors. More caution should be exercised if you have any cut or injury.

Mold build up in most homes, other buildings. After the flood, it is very possible for mold to build up in buildings around the affected areas. Mold can trigger and worsen nasal and respiratory conditions and infections like asthma and flu.

Some other psychological issues like stress and anxiety are also common in victims of flooded areas. This is quite normal and should frizzle out as people return to their daily activities. It is important that certain precautions be set both by individuals, families and communities.