Introducing Healthfacts Ask Portal

Many times, we have pressing questions but do not know where to get the answers from. Often, it is not a function of where to get the answers but where to get the right answers. When it comes to your health, it is important for you to get the answers from the right people; it is important for your answers to come from professionals and not just friends. In today’s busy world, I doubt if you have the time to queue in a hospital and purchase a consultation card in order to have your question answered. It is in this light that I introduce to you healthfacts ask portal.
Healthfacts ask portal is a question and answer platform that allows you to ask health professionals any question you might have. It is basically a real-time way to consult health professionals about any health related problem. The advantage you have in leveraging this medium is that it gives you better and faster access to health professionals and it reduces waiting time.


How do I access this medium?

Pretty simple.
• Sign up on our Ask portal
• Then, you can go ahead and ask your question. Once your question is displayed, other members can vote it up based on the relevance. You can also vote up questions from other members that relates to you.
• The most voted question would be answered first by a certified health professional (HF Expert).
I am sure you are excited already. Don’t just be; sign up and start asking.