How often do you pee?

What is the normal amount of time to go in a day? This question could be funny as well as confusing. Is there any certain amount of time to pee?

How your bladder functions everyday can tell alot about your health. From urination frequency to the color of your urine to how long you can hold it. The frequency of urination is the perfect way to know how hydrated your body is.

Do you get get up to pee twice as often as your colleagues? Or you are that type that holds urine for so long. No matter how much water you drink, you can go hours without a bathroom break?

Your pee frequency is influenced by factors beyond how hydrated you are”

There’s really no magic number but it is considered normal to pee six to eight times in a day. If you are visiting the toilet often than that, its an indication that you have consumed too much fluid or caffeine. The type of fluids you drink also could affect you urine frequency. The sensitivity of your bladder also plays a role.

Frequent urination also can be a sign of several other serious conditions, including prostate problems, bladder infection, heart condition or interstitial cystitis.
Some people heed nature’s call at the slightest urge, while others don’t see the need to empty until their bladder is fuller.

Contact your doctor when your peeing frequency has increased and you have the following symptoms:

  • Pain while urinating
  • Dark blood urine
  • Presence of blood in urine
  • Trouble urinating
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Pain in your groin or abdomen


Note that it is very dangerous to hold your urine for too long, as it can increase risks of urinary problems.

However, frequent urination on its own has other causes and treatment methods. Do check out here for these causes and treatment methods.