How to fortify your immune system against diseases

The immune system is one that plays a vital role in keeping you alive and healthy. It does this by protecting your body against attacks from bacteria, parasites, viruses and other pathogens.

What you eat can either prevent you from falling sick and at the same time could enable you recover fast whenever you fall sick. Therefore, the foods you consume daily determine how well and how strong you will be in combating those foreign invaders in your body.

As a matter of fact, you are constantly being exposed to disease-causing microorganisms everywhere, everytime either in the toilet, bathroom, office, factory etc. Question now is how do you survive these threats you are constantly being faced with?

This is why your immune system is so perfectly and wonderfully made.

Immunity starts from your mouth. Your saliva carries some powerful enzymes that combats bacteria and any unwanted microbe. In the event that the pathogen survives the enzymes in the mouth, the hydrochloric acid present in the stomach will most likely inactivate the organism(s).

Seeing how important the immune system is to our continual existence, it is important for us to keep our immune system strong continually.

How to make the immune system stronger against pathogens

  1. FEED YOUR BACTERIA FORCES: Earlier we saw that we are constantly being attacked by disease-causing microbes. On the other side, however, we have some bacteria that live in us for beneficial purposes like protection. Surprised? These organisms are called normal flora. So, ensure you feed on fiber-rich foods, and reduce your processed foods, sugars and fats, if you really want those bacteria in you to work best for you. Eat balanced whole foods to enable your immune system fight any kind of infection. This is because if your diet is poor, when you fall sick, it would be difficult for you to recover quickly.
  2. EAT FIT AND AT THE PROPER TIME: If you have a broken diet and irregular eating pattern, your immune system cannot function well. If you are truly serious about boosting your immune system, take healthy fats, avocadoes and nuts; they all are good sources of vitamins and minerals. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetable is essential for your immune system, as they provide the essential nutrients needed to fight diseases and germs in your body.
  3. Take cold and fever curing foods: Are you aware that honey, garlic, green tea, chicken soup can help drive away that common cold, fever and catarrh? Interestingly, garlic deals with colds and other infections; green tea helps the body to produce B cell antibodies in order to get rid of foreign invaders. While honey has special antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which deals with coughs. A few teaspoons with lime juice will finish common cold, courtesy your immune system.