Terror alert: Hunger and Malnutrion in NE Nigeria

As announced, the much awaited tweet chat with Doctor Ladele (@golikesoj) held yesterday at 7pm WAT. The focus of the discussion was on Hunger and Malnutrition : The new face of terror in North East Nigeria.

Of course, it was important for all to know our guest and why he was credible enough to be engaged on such a sensitive topic

…and that was just a summary. It was especially important to know that

7pm: Enter @HealthFacts_ng_ and @golikesoj

Here are some of the questions asked and Dr. Ladele’s answers

Interesting so far, right?

There were also comments and questions from followers

It was a great time with @golikesoj but it had to come to an end

Some take home points


…not just the government; you also have a role to play

It was indeed an awesome time. For the full session or if you have questions and comments, tweet @golikesoj and @HealthFacts_ng_ with #HFxChat. You can also follow @HealthFacts_ng_ more health tips and updates.