Jaundice In Children – Pt II

From the previous post, we were enlightened about Jaundice and its symptoms. Here, we discuss the various causes and how to care for Children affected by Jaundice.


Jaundice in a child can be as a result of various reasons. The reasons include:

Contaminated water: Consuming bad water or poorly treated water which could contain a virus known as Hepatitis A or E could cause jaundice in kids as this virus attacks the liver rendering it susceptible to infection.

Contaminated food: Poorly prepared meals could affect the child’s health and lead to jaundice.

Drugs: The use or overdose of certain drugs has been known to be a major cause of jaundice in kids. An overdose of acetaminophen for example, could lead to jaundice.

Gallstones or Gallbladder disorders: The presence of gallstones in the gallbladder could cause jaundice, as this stones tend to be a blockage and disrupt movement of ingested foods. This also could be painful.

Liver damage: Having it as a fact that the baby’s system is still in its tender stage and susceptible to harm, it is possible that liver damage could lead to jaundice as the liver won’t be able to process and pass out waste.

Prevention and Care


Tracking your baby’s development:  Proper care and attention should be given to newborns as they are prone to certain illnesses. Once any of the above mentioned symptom  is noticed, it is advisable to take the child to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

Provision of healthy meals: A baby in his/her infancy should be well taken care of and properly fed. Meals should be prepared with high heat where necessary and also at low heat when necessary. Breastfeeding mothers should be mindful of what they eat as this would affect the child’s health.

Provision of drinkable water: Mothers and care givers should ensure that the child drinks only clean water. The water should be treated properly. It is advisable not to treat with certain chemicals as it might affect the child, but rather, boil and let it cool naturally before consumption.

Vaccines: As a growing child, one of the common things related to them is their regular dosage of vaccine. Vaccines against hepatitis should be administered to young infants to help protect against hepatitis