Did You Know These Foods Can Cause Joint Pain?

I know you are surprised to find out that food that is meant to help your body system can cause body pains too. Well, you really are what you eat. Also, when you eat too much of a food, it goes from being a plus to you to becoming a minus. These foods can make cause joint pain..

Fried foods.

joint pain

That woman always loading you with akara, puff-puff, fried yam (I love fried yam!) every morning on your way to work isn’t exactly doing your body good. Here’s why: cooking, frying foods at really high temperature like she does produces what is known as advanced glycation end products and toxic materials. These lead to inflammation, joint pain among others.
So as much as possible, cut down the fries a great deal.

Sugar foods.joint pain

Sugar is all around us… and in excess too. From gala and la casera in traffic to popcorn and corn at the movies, we consume way more sugar than we ought to.  Sugar foods and drinks, especially processed sugar can also trigger inflammation and as a result pain too. Knee, elbow and all sorts of joint pain can be caused by this major factor.

Dairy products.

Milk, butter, cheese and the likes also can lead to joint pain, majorly because of the high level of protein present in dairy foods. This can also lead to inflammation and joint pain.

Note that it is not as though these foods are altogether bad. When taking in excess, they can lead to joint pain. If you are dealing with arthritis or any other level of joint pain, it is advisable to stay away from these as they can further trigger the pain.

You can also take some other foods that can balance out the effects of these foods. Such foods should have anti-inflammatory properties. One great example is fruits and veggies.


  1. In addition to medical treatment, there are several home remedies that may provide relief from abdominal pain caused by coughing. These include staying hydrated, practicing relaxation techniques, using hot or cold packs, and avoiding triggers such as smoking or certain foods that can exacerbate symptoms.