MUST READ: 4 Health Signs You Must Never ignore

Your health is the greatest wealth and an asset you must never ignore, it is not something you should take for granted…Many of us seem to neglect certain health signs in our body…What are this health signs you must not ignore?

1. Pain After Exercise
If you are the type that does regular exercise (probably you are a gym rat) and you notice these unexplainable pains, soreness, and strain around your body each time you carry out your normal exercise, don’t ignore or take that sign for granted…

This temporary muscle damage, soreness or swelling around your body can lead to a permanent condition if care is not taken.

So if you notice that you frequently have this constant pain after any exercise, then try as much as possible to cut down (reduce) your body workouts, and ensure you apply ice to that painful region…and if the pain persists, then do well to see your doctor.


2. Losing Weight without doing anything

Have you ever experienced such before? I mean you haven’t been doing any exercise, you didn’t change your diet, activity or lifestyle and all of a sudden you just begin to notice that you are losing weigh. Some folks see this as a blessing in disguise and they feel so happy about this…my dear, this can be an indication of an underlying health condition that needs serious attention. Never ignore this, rather, go for a medical checkup…

weight loss myth


Never ignore this, rather, go for a medical checkup…

3. When You Always Feel Very Thirsty

It is normal to be thirsty. However, an abromal crave for water is a sign you shouldn’t ignore. Frequent thirst is not a good sign. One minute you feel fine, next minute you feel like drinking a geepee tank of water to quench your thirst, it might be a sign of ill health. Don’t ignore it especially when the frequent thirst comes with a swelling or rapid weight gain or accompanied by fatigue or nausea…

You have no right to ignore this health sign; rather, hurry and go see your doctor anytime you notice any of these signs in your body.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”TNje2″ via=”yes” ]An abnormal crave for water is a sign you shouldn’t ignore[/ctt]

4. Serious Head Pain

When I say head pain, I am not referring to the migraines or headaches, but a kind of a headache and pain that has constant peaks and occurs in few seconds or minutes, thereabout.

Such a headache may become so serious to the point that it begins to affect your vision and mental functioning. This isn’t a sign you should ever ignore or take with levity.

I’ll advise you go see your physician for a proper checkup…

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