MUST READ: Is Your Lifestyle Causing Erectile Dysfunction?

Apart from what goes into your body in terms of what you eat, your lifestyle is a major contributor to the state of your health. For a lot of men, erectile dysfunction is a major health challenge. Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man is not able to get a firm enough erection for sexual intercourse or when he is unable to maintain one through the process.

Apart from food, there are also some risk factors that make it difficult for you to get or maintain an erection. One of which is your lifestyle. I’d highlight some lifestyle habits responsible for causing erectile dysfunction.

It should be noted that many men experience erectile dysfunction occasionally. It however calls for concern when it becomes a frequent occurrence. [ctt template=”8″ link=”0dkap” via=”yes” ]Making some lifestyle adjustments can help prevent that embarrassing trip to the doctor’s[/ctt].

Lifestyle causing erectile dysfunction

Sedentary lifestyle.
Exercises help improve blood circulation around the body which is needed for the male organ to become and remain erect through the act. Again, when you don’t exercise regularly, you may often have built up stress which would make erectile dysfunction a regular occurrence. Exercise helps you relax more, making love making easier.

Studies have shown that men who smoke are more prone to erectile dysfunction than those who don’t. Smoking increases your risk of having hardened arteries, reducing blood circulation to the penis.

lifestyle causing erectile dysfunction

Prolonged hours of physical activities.
Especially activities that can negatively affect the blood vessels around the penis area. One of such is cycling. Prolonged hours of such activities can result in erectile dysfunction although it is mostly temporary .

Being overweight or obese also increases a man’s risk to erectile dysfunction.

Excessive consumption of alcohol and drug abuse.
Alcohol is known to hinder proper blood circulation which is a needed factor for a good performance in bed. It also affects production of testosterone which again affects erection. Use of cocaine, marijuana illicitly may also lead to damaged blood vessels, restricting blood circulation.