How can Nigerians win in the battle with depression?

We all go through hard times irrespective of our gender, social or economic status. We are not always upbeat about life or the circumstances surrounding us. Sometimes, we really can get fed up and downright frustrated about what we are experiencing. It’s absolutely normal. A great author, Robert Schuller, wrote a bestselling book titled, “Tough times never last, but tough people do!” This seems to imply that tough times will always come and go. The big question, however, is will you remain after it has passed?

In a previous post, I brought to light the recent upsurge in the rate of suicide cases and attempts all over the country. All of a sudden, it seemed like Nigerians now feel like dying. We have always had economic issues from time immemorial but Nigerians had never really looked to suicide as an option of “escape”. So why now? What could be the cause of this upsurge in suicide cases and attempts?

One of our followers, Olulade Daniel, said, “Well, I’d say that if there’s one thing we are dealing with at such a time as this, it is depression. It’s that suppressing force that pulls till one breaks, and caves in completely…”

I also agree with him, don’t you?

Nigerians are currently in a battle with depression. Depression is really more than just a feeling of unhappiness as people suppose or being fed up for just a few days. Not at all. When you are depressed, you feel continually sad for weeks or even months. Quite a number of Nigerians do not think that depression is a genuine health condition. However, it is a real illness having real symptoms. It is important for us to understand that depression is not something you can just “get rid of”. But then, with the right support and treatment, most people can win in the battle with depression.

How do I tell if I am depressed?

Am I depressed? [source]
There are many ways in which people battle with depression and this causes a wide range of symptoms. One can begin to have persistent feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness and/or start experiencing a lack of interest in the things one used to enjoy. Another symptom is when one begins to feel very tearful; you just always want to cry.

Physical symptoms include

  • Loss of appetite or sex drive
  • Bad sleeping patterns
  • Constant feelings of tiredness
  • Constant aches and pains

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or you even feel that you are depressed, please see your doctor immediately. Early diagnosis is crucial in the battle with depression.

Winning in the battle with depression

Treatment depression involves a combination of medication, lifestyle adjustments and talking sessions. Your recommended treatment will be determined by how severely depressed you are.

On a general note, I would suggest surrounding yourself with happy people (you could also call this a support group) who constantly have a positive outlook to life. They could help shape your perspective and get your focus off from “what is wrong to what is right”. Also, lifestyle changes such as reducing alcohol intake, getting more exercise, quitting smoking and healthy eating will also help a lot.

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