Ogogoro ( Local Gin): Poison In A Bottle

If you are a Nigerian or you have lived somewhere in Nigeria (mostly in the western part), I guess by now, you would be familiar with the famous local alcoholic drink (ogogoro). The smell of which oozes from the mouths of danfo drivers and agberos at bus stops, hawked by petty traders and used for many traditional occasions. This substance known as ogogoro (local gin) is valued in a wide range of social settings in Nigeria.

Three Clear Shots


It has done more harm than good (that is if there is any good in it), this locally brewed gin has lots of funny names such as: kai-kai, kparaga, nmaya, push-me-push-you, e.t.c

Ogogoro is made from the distilled juice gotten from palm trees. We have different brands of these alcoholic drinks in Nigeria, and they include: Chelsea, Seamans  Aromatic Schnapps, Sabrina, Best, Calidon, Kerewa, e.t.c

Its Effect on Your Health

  • Ogogoro which is known to be a depressant, is prone to slow down the function of the brain.
  • Ogogoro has been known to be a major cause of health related hazards such as accidents, as its consumers tend to be influenced by the presence of alcohol in their blood stream.
  • This local gin is known to be a major cause of cancer, kidney problems and other related illnesses.
  • Heavy drinking of this drug takes a toll on the liver and therefore can trigger a variety of problems and liver inflammations
  • Though most ogogoro consumers feel that this drink makes them strong, ogogoro is seen to weaken the immune system, thus makes the body susceptible to diseases.

Having known a few of these health implications; it is recommended that you stop or reduce the intake of these alcoholic drinks or give appropriate advice to known consumers of this product, as truly indeed, it could be a poison in a bottle.