Plans are on the way to end AIDS by 2030 – NACA DG

AIDS DEY REAL O…My people, how una dey? The festive period don dey approach like kulele, I just dey excited sha. Okay so I hear say 3 million people for our ogbodo oyinbo for naija here, just dey live with HIV, and Naija deh rank second after South Africa as per this disease burden globally. Like seriously, this one na serious gbege o.

Our Federal Government don take the matter serious as part of the key priorities to fast-track progress to helep stop AIDS for 2030, and to build more on those successful treatment wey don helep prevention and control for the last 15 years.

Oga Director General for National Agency for the control of AIDS, NACA, Dr. Sani Aliyu, for the event wey happen for  Abuja, talk say prevention dey very important for HIV control and na one important and ogbonge element for any kine program.

Oga Aliyu still talk for the event wey dem themed “Hands-on for HIV Prevention”, he observe say the sustained commitment wey dem put together on HIV epidemic, helep make better impact prevention.

Abeg read wetin him talk: as per steady decline

“For Nigeria here, we don record confirm steady drop for HIV prevalence from 5.8 percent for 2001 to 3.0 percent for 2014. For the last five years, we don reduce new HIV infections by 20 percent and AIDS related death disease by 15 percent.

“As the thing be now, we just dey 10 percent away to reach the magic tipping point. But then, the speed wey we dey take to helep reduce the gbege for HIV go need to upgrade well, if we go need meet our fast-track target for 2020.”

He talk say, naija go need step up for the common prevention approaches, as make we dey faithful to protect the thing, because all of dem dey helep contribute for the downward trajectory of HIV/AIDS for naija here.

As per the challenges:

“The thing no easy at all, , as per say HIV/AIDS no dey gree show for face and the challenges boku for ground, in fact condom use dey very low and the thing only cover less than half of our need for sub-Saharan Africa here. The gbege wey dey there na say people wey get knowledge about HIV among our youth no plenty, na just third of them get enough HIV knowledge wey fit helep protect them.

Aliyu come talk say, the conference just come at the right time when be say Nigeria dey revise her national HIV/AIDS strategic framework to fit guide response for the next five years.

But DG talk say” unto 2011 landmark HPTN052 Study, we don get ogbonge evidence say ART dey effective to helep cut transmission to 6 percent.

“Even our pregnant women dem wey deh take antiretroviral treatment and treatment for postpartum period, all these fit reduce the risk for transmission from 30 percent to less than 1 percent,”

He talk say, the goals for HIV Prevention dey really shift, from barrier precautions to achieve undetectable viral load, and commot transmission, gbam!.

“The new approaches to helep prevent HIV dey unique but no be small thing o, as tremendous progress don dey happen.

“At all at all e dey very important say as we dey move on to combination approach, we go also make best use of implementation science approaches to know whether current evidence for effectiveness unto different approaches go dey applicable for our local context.