Ever considered if pooping daily is necessary and what happens when you don’t?

Sometimes I wonder what would happen to my body system if I don’t poop for weeks or for months that sound strange or normal right. Let the truth be told, as the devil remains a liar, holding your poop for too long and not pooping daily can actually be deadly and dangerous to your health, dear reader.

Like some folks here in Nigeria, who would always say, I want to shit or drop some lumps in the dish, funny, some will say mehn I “wan “drop bomb o, that sounds weird right, whatever the case is, I’m sure you aware that there are some folks who really can’t do what you find normal and easy doing, why?

May I make you understand that pooping daily is good for you, be glad when you notice you poop every day, despite the fact poop has some nasty smell doesn’t mean we can’t about the science of it. If you are not pooping daily or for days, there’s a room for concern about that, meaning something is interfering with the digestive system and processes of your body.

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Two things are actually culprit if you don’t have timely poop movements. It’s either you lack drinking enough water or enough fiber in your diet, these things can make poops stop, and it can start caking up on the walls of your intestine, backing up your digestive track.

If you eat a diet high in dairy product, low in fiber and water you can develop constipation, making it difficult for you to poop. When we don’t poop when we’re supposed to, it builds up in the rectum, heading back to the large intestine.

These wastes buildup will be promoting diseases in the body and can lead to a condition called diverticulitis. So regularly emptying your bowels is pretty much a prerequisite for good health.


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