Are you pooping the right way?

Some scientists have concluded that modern-day toilets, like the water closet system, are bad for our system. The reason is that when you sit on the bathroom throne (toilet seat), your body is in an “abnormal” position. This normal, conventional position is known as anorectal angle, positioning our rectum in such a way that it makes pooping difficult.

The squatting position puts no stress at all on the rectum. It is a more “normal” position for the body system than the conventional pooping position because there is no strain on the puborectal muscles at all. This makes the whole process of pooping easier, the flow is without restriction. Squatting position also helps prevent haemorrhoids and other tract infections. It gives an optimal experience when pooping – lesser time and effort.

It seems as though the ancient cavemen understood this better as all they did was get a secluded portion of an area they lived in (outdoor), squatted and did their thing. No wonder they had less of the ailments that affect people today. It is no doubt that their natural way of doing things from their diet to their pooping has a role to play in the longevity they enjoyed.


So yeah, there is no going back to the cave days. We can, however, learn from their system and modify ours.
For instance, you don’t need to ditch your water closet and look for a nearby secluded bush (which you probably won’t find in modern Nigeria). You can use a small stool just to prop up your knees and produce the squatting position. The point is that your feet is in an elevated position, not touching the ground.
You can also include it in your architectural plans such that there is a small stub attached to the feet of the toilet bowl. It has about the same effect. It might be weird at first but when you experience the difference and the ease that comes with it instead of the normal strains… you’d want to stick with this unconventional but more normal way.

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