Putting A Watch On What You Eat

Foods are being prepared in certain forms and are being consumed in different ways, so it is therefore recommended that we deeply look into what we eat and how it might affect our health.

We know the dangers associated with certain foods that we consume but as humans we seem to lose interest or neglect the fact that it endangers our health.  Diseases such as cholera, dysentery and diarrhea have been linked to the type of foods we consume of late.


Now, this is not about the “avoid junk food” post, but rather, a “watch what you eat” post. We could eat certain foods that are not really junk foods and still be endangered to certain risks as a result of the nature, production process or consumption style of that food.


For example, having our normal barbeque cannot be classified as a junk food, but the steps and procedures in making the barbeque ready for consumption could be one we should look into. Another example is our bread. The bread which we eat for sure, supplies nutrients to our body due to presence of carbohydrate in it as could be less classified as a junk food, but again, having a deep one looking into the process at which bread is being produced at the bakery in an unhygienic manner, we could limit our consumption of bread or rather do not consume it at all.


Foods that are being prepared by heating of coals or other substances are known to contain carcinogens – (cancer causing agents) and also most of these meals are not properly prepared, therefore still possess substances that could be harmful to the body.

Microwaving of foods should be limited as certain health risks associated with consumption of microwaved foods.

Canned foods and other processed foods should still be recooked if possible and also direct consumption from the can should be avoided.

Proper hygiene should really be looked into. Before purchasing a certain food item from any shop, it is recommended that you study and take proper note of the environment as there can’t be any hygienic food coming out of a dirty environment. Also take note of the hygiene of the seller of such food item before purchasing.

It is also recommended that you as an individual maintain a personal hygiene. Wash properly all food items before consumption and ensure that your environment where you prepare your meal is free from elements that could trigger certain diseases.

Nigerian Food

Before consuming any food, we should be able to ask ourselves certain questions like; “Are the foods we eat clean?”,  “Are they being prepared properly”?, “Would they have any negative effect on my health?”. All these could help us assess the food we eat and limit our chances of being endangered to certain illnesses and diseases.

We consume various foods, and some of these foods can be dangerous to our health. It is recommended that we look properly into what we eat as this says a lot about health.

Sometimes it is not about consuming junk foods but also watching the real foods we eat as certain factors could still endanger us. What should be required of the foods we eat?