2 strong reasons why you should not smoke shisha

Shisha is also called water pipe, hookah, goza, argileh, hubble-bubbble or narghile. Hookah or shisha pipes are water pipes that are used to smoke tobacco through a flexible tube or hose that has a mouth piece, a water bowl, a head and a metal body.

The tobacco that is smoked through these pipes comes in different flavours – water melon, coconut, cappuccino, mint, chocolate, apple, strawberry, cherry, licorice, grape.

Usually, people smoke the hookah or shisha pipes in groups (sometimes they all use the same mouth piece).

There is a misconception many people have about the hookah or shisha pipes. Many people believe that since they are water pipes they are completely harmless; and that it is a much better alternative to smoking cigarettes. This is not true.

It is important that you know, and tell everyone around you, that smoking shisha is not harmless.


Because the shisha or hookah contains tobacco. And tobacco contains several harmful chemicals. What this means is that those same dangers that come with smoking cigarettes are also present with smoking shisha as well. Tobacco is the key harmful ingredient.

A few of the consequences of smoking hookah are cancers, heart diseases, gum diseases, infections (such as tuberculosis), babies to be born with weights that are lower than normal (when smoked by pregnant women).

And just like it is with smoking cigarettes and other tobacco-containing products, those who are exposed to the smoke that comes from the hookah pipes are also at risk of cancers and many other diseases. What this means is that whenever a person goes out with friends who are going to smoke hookah pipes; even if he or she does not smoke with them, as far as the person is inhaling the smoke, he or she is also at risk of the various diseases that tobacco and tobacco smoke causes.

Smoking shisha is also addictive.

It is also important to know that even the shisha pipes that are said to be herbal are not less harmful; as far as, they contain tobacco (which they do), they all pose great harm to the health of anyone who smokes them or is exposed to the smoke from the pipes (even without smoking the pipes).


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