On Your Health Resolutions: A Reminder

It is past mid-February already, a lot of people are letting go of their resolutions to live better and healthier lives. Well, this is a reminder. Especially for those living in the big cities, it is very easy to get carried away with work, family, school and what-have-you. However, I would have you know that HEALTH IS WEALTH. This means that your health is important and maintaining good health should be one of your top priorities.

I will share short health tips on how to maintain good health despite your busy schedule and as a reminder of your new health resolutions.

Exercise: I know you have probably heard this several times but the importance of exercise can not be over-emphasized. Most especially for people that live in big cities and on the fast lane, I know it can be very easy to skip exercise. Exercise has many health benefits, one of which is that it acts as a form of relaxation as it helps you ease off accumulated stress and relax your nerves. Exercise is not until you hit the gym every morning. You can also exercise even as you go about with your normal daily activities, for instance you can decide to take the stairs rather than the lift, take a walk down rather than drive.


Eat healthy: Healthy eating they say leads to healthy living. It all starts from what you consume. Eat more fruits and veggies. Cut down on the canned food and junk food. Avoid always rushing your meals. The temptation to always chew on something while you work is always there, try your possible best to stay away from unhealthy snacking.

Take time to rest and sleep well: It is important that you take time off your busy schedule and give your body good rest. Some say they have gotten used to short nights, but over time, inadequate sleep tells on your health. It is advisable to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily.


Build healthy daily habits: Pay attention to the little details such as maintaining good posture, observing good office ethics, using proper light whilst you work, healthy snacking, proper personal hygiene.

Be in charge of your health: Do not join the group of people that are always angry, tense and constantly in a bad mood. Some of them are not responsible for this and they are totally oblivious of their state because it is mostly caused by stress and too much anxiety, much of which is now beyond their control. Take time to have fun as you work and go through the day. Relax adequately. Do not allow yourself to be constantly stressed.

Now if you have totally forgotten about your health resolutions, don’t worry it happens and if you belong to the class of people that are on and off as regards health resolutions, that’s equally fine. I’d like to encourage you today to take personal responsibility for your health and resolve as you step into each day to deliberately live healthy.