Safety Tips Wey Go Helep You Avoid One Chance For Bathroom

How you dey feel when you dey solo for bathroom, especially when you dey do low key things? However, bathroom na one of those places wey person fit get better better groove, think, meditate and catch better inspiration sometimes.

At times the place fit dey hazardous to person health, depending on the kain bathroom you dey use.

My people, me and you sabi say hazard dey almost everywhere…as hazards dey kitchen, dey office, na so the thing dey toilet, too. So many yawa don gas unto the way we dey use am.

So make I yan you the koko and some precautionary measure wey you and me fit dey take to helep reduce your risk of entering one chance, especially with those bathroom hazards dem.

  • Papa, mama and pikin, abeg make una dey always try, clean your bathroom after una don wash finish, commot any soap wey remain for floor, because this soap fit nack you for ground.
  • No dey leave your tap and shower dem on, when you know say you no dey use am at all, e fit cause kasala and overflow, wey fit damage your property.


  • No even try say you wan wear slippery footwear when you wan enter your bathroom, your body no go wan suffer am.


  • No do mistake use electrical equipment for your bathroom with your wet body, to avoid gbege and electric shock, or else you go dance makossa or Michael Jackson that day.


  • Anything wey you sabi say e get comma or fault for your bathroom, abeg try repair all of dem, kpata, make them no go cause you another casualties or wahala, for instance, your W.C, if you sabi say the thing no strong well, change am kiakia, because the thing fit break, come tear your this thing o.


  • Anytime wey you dey prepare hot water, no do mistake, put am for were small pikin dem fit reach o, make the thing no come go steam their skin.
  • Dey always use disinfectants every time, to reduce all the yamayama and germs wey dey your bathroom


I don try abi?? So which other precaution you sabi? Abeg help me put am for the comment box for down. You do well.