5 Awesome Tips to Stay Healthy While Working From Home

Going to the office, for many of us, doesn’t even require heading out the door. Working from home is the new cool.

For some people, working from home is the greatest convenience they could’ve asked for. Not only can you work from the comfort of your own home, but can also work freely when you know there’s no boss popping up behind you. The time you give your work when you decide to work from home is dedicated to your tasks alone. There isn’t any office gossip or other distractions, however, working from home with all of its perks and pluses—also presents some unique challenges when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Freelance work or working from home can be a difficulty especially if you’re someone who likes to stay fit. The temptation of the bites stocked up in your kitchen can lead you to indulge in bad habits that you wouldn’t have engaged in if you were working from an office.

Fortunately, the good news is that you can still win this battle of staying fit while working from home if you follow a few simple tips.

So without further delay, here are my top 12 tips for staying fit, healthy and on task while working from home:

Set up a separate office space

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The biggest mistakes most people make when working from home is making their bed their office space. Remember that the brain works in mysterious ways, and if you’re working on your bed, you will be tempted to sleep. Instead, before you start work, decide on a particular workstation which is preferably away from your bedroom. This will train your brain to stay alert and focused and you’ll not only be able to concentrate better, but also stay healthy in the process. There’s no cause for alarm if you don’t have a particular room which you can set up because a simple table and ergonomic chair will be sufficient when you’ve just started out.

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Get up every hour and get out at least once a day.

Unhealthy seating positions are one of the main reasons why a lot of people have started to complain about an increasing tummy line. One of the ways you can cut back on this is by making it a point to stand up, stretch and take a walk around the house for at least 10mins after 2 hours. It can be easy to get stuck in your seat, especially since you feel comfortable in your space. Set a timer or use an app to remind you to get up and stretch once every hour, and make sure to get outside, even just to walk around the block and get some sunshine and fresh air.

Keep the kitchen stocked with healthy snacks and meals.

It can be easy to wander into the kitchen when you know it’s packed with treats, so keep temptation at bay by buying fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy snacks like nuts. By keeping the candy and junk food out of sight, you’ll be promoting good health and staying off the dangers associated with junks.

Set specific goals

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Freelancers often get overworked simply because they’ve no serious hours. Telecommuters have the convenience of a job where they don’t have to commute and this is why they end up starting their work too early and finishing it too late. This kind of schedule won’t just have a negative effect on creativity and productivity, but will also start to take a toll on your health. When you’re working mindlessly on your desk without taking a break, the calories will start to build up and you’ll begin to feel lethargic. So if you think you’re doing the same thing, remember to set specific work goals each day so that once they are completed, you can sit back and relax.


Maximise every situation

Working from home gives you more control of your schedule and your time. So, as long as your boss is cool with it, work an hour earlier so that you can make that Zumba class that always fills up at 5 p.m., or take a slightly longer lunch to put a healthy meal together in the slow cooker for dinner. When you’re super stressed at work, take a 10-minute break to do some yoga or meditation. Make your schedule work for your healthy lifestyle!

Get involved in a virtual telecommuter community.

It’s important to have some social connection, even in the absence of colleagues. Maintaining healthy social connections improves your overall well-being and helps you stay motivated.


Staying healthy while working from home does have its challenges. But with a little planning, it’s completely possible to face those challenges head-on and set yourself up for success.

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