The 3 Biggest Health Risks you Face this Christmas

Yes! The holiday seasons are here and we already can begin to see the Christmas trees and lights lining our houses and roads. Christmas is a season filled with lots of eating, drinking, partying and meeting up with friends and family. However, as we begin to prepare for Christmas, what are some of the health challenges we might be at risk of? How also can we ensure to protect our health from these health challenges.


Christmas parties usually come with lots of food where guests can help themselves to a variety of festive treats. There may also be very large portions of meals on top of that. You might even have multiple parties to attend in the same night. As many people would say, it is usually “food galore”.

Overeating of traditional food can cause an increased level of obesity that can lead to detrimental effects like cardiovascualr effects, acute stroke, and a long list of health conditions. In the short term, overeating can also mean a serious case of indigestion. It is strongly recommended that you eat and drink in moderation likewise ensuring to eat healthy this Christmas period despite the lingering temptation to overeate.


Even if they haven’t been diagnosed with clinical anxiety, most people usually experience a feeling of severe anxiety during festive periods. Between the forced partying, seeing friends and family members that might otherwise be avoided, the high cost of travel and buying gifts, and the pressure to make everything look perfect, Christmas could be somewhat stress-filled .

Stress is a natural phenomenon. A certain degree of anxiety propels us to stay alive and motivates action. But the holidays can bring with them certain pressures that might be overwhelming and exhausting, like proving success or fulfillment to family members, getting just the right gifts, decorating, and overscheduling social engagements. These are examples of normal, even expected stressors behind what we all hope is a joyous Christmas each year. It is very important to ensure to let loose and relax as much as possible even while preparing for and anticipating Christmas.

Traveler’s Diarrhea

Traveling during holidays sometimes is no fun! Especially when traveling in a country like Nigeria with lots of bad roads. However, traveler’s diarrhea has to be pretty high on the list of things to worry about when traveling for Christmas. During holidays like Christmas, it’s quite easy to overeat, take in something contaminated, or eat foods that you’re intolerant to. This can lead to traveler’s diarrhea which is the passage of frequent loose stool.

And as annoying as it can be, especially when you’re staying at another person’s house and are facing an away-toilet situation, it’s fairly easy to treat. It is recommended to take an oral rehydration solution that can be bought in a powdered form. If the diarrhea persists, it is advisable that you see a doctor.

A word from Healthfacts

This is a sason of love and relaxation and the last thing we most times want to worry about is our health. It is however essential that we still ensure to pay attention to our health even amidst the celebration. Eat and drink in moderation and do not overwork or overstress yourself. If you do not feel like travelling, you can stay back and enjoy the season with friends and family in your closest community. Christmas is here and Healthfacts is wishing you a very merry Christmas!