How you handle your health and well being may really determine the length and quality of your lifespan…Absolutely, many of us desire to grow old someday, at least I’d like to believe that is everyone’s aspiration; however, there is a condition to be met by applying certain principles/lifestyle to achieve a longer lifespan. Really a lot of folks age very fast than expected, either due to unawareness or inappropriate lifestyle.


So I’ll be sharing with you some amazing life principles you need to adopt if you want to live longer.

  1. Exeercise your brain: Get involved in games and sports, play both indoors and outdoor games, like scrabble, chess and learn to play at least one or two musical instruments as well.anti5
  2. Avoid steaming meal in plastics: Avoid steaming your meals in a plastic container, because most plastic containers are made of endocrine disrupting chemical compounds, which are actually toxic to the blood stream, when ingested into the body through food, as they can induce cancer and damage the body.
  3. Drink a lot of warm water: water have some healing effects to the body when it comes to drinking enough warm clean water daily, these have numerous health benefits to the body in terms of purification and detoxification of the body.anti3
  4. Rest: When you overuse and also over work your body, it tends to wear out, create stress and fast aging may begin to set in. So always take enough vitamin C and garlic to speed up healing process in your body when you’re sick and learn to rest  as well!
  5. Massage therapy: It is important that you take your time to visit a massage therapy center to get your body massaged. massage can help you treat depression, anxiety, make the muscle relax well, relieve you of body pain and make your body mentally fit for life.
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  6. Take green foods: Try adding greens and salads to your diets, to balance alkalinity in your body and enhance the presence of minerals, as they can act as supplements to the body.
  7. Have a journal: Take note of your downtime, stress factors, fears and worries. Drafting out ways to reduce and overcome them. P.S: worry, stress and anxiety may cause you to age fast.

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