Pulses have really helped many individuals to lose weight and as well prevented weight gain, because of the presence of low fat,  vitamins, minerals and high source of protein fibres present in them. Their health benefits can never be over emphasized, as it is very essential you add pulses to your diets for better nutrition.


pulses are not just the food of the nearest future, but the future of a better nutrition and improved health.

The following are all in the pulse family: peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas,  and they have the potential of making you loss pounds in just about 6 months after a disciplined diet.



  • Pulses have more proteins than any other plant as the digestion and absorption process of their nutrients are completely effective.
  • They are good sources of fiber, and plant protein with different classes of vitamins and essential minerals, which are good sources of energy to the body.
  • Pulses are free from gluten, which actually makes them very good ingredients in replacement of flours and baked products.
  • They are very rich recipes for soup, pancake, salad and dessert and they are good foodstuff of various forms.
  • Portions of pulses with fresh vegetable are highly beneficial for your health, as they help in the prevention of scurvy.
  • Pulses are key ingredient in snacks, noodles, baked breads and beverages; they are versatile food with essential ingredient in most traditional cooking around the world. Basically pulses are used in stew, soup, and can be taken during dinner, lunch or breakfast.

If you are witness of these enormous benefits of pulses, kindly drop a comment on how you’ve benefited from taking these pulses.