The Joy Christmas Brings

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s Christmas. This is the season of love, the season of Joy, the season of sharing and caring. Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. People come together to engage in merry making. Lots of gifts to be shared, (Christmas cards, hampers, food items, treats and the like) as it is a time of giving and receiving. Indeed it brings with it a wonderful feeling.


The preparations usually would have started long before now. The countdown was awesome. It was very much anticipated. The pressure of the last minute shopping (the streets and shopping malls become busier), the expenses incurred by the buying of gifts, and the heightened expectations of family togetherness. Christmas songs being heard on almost every sound system.

In most homes, Christmas trees and other decorations are being setup. Animals to be slaughtered are being purchased and slaughtered. New clothings and foot wears are being bought. Children with their Xmas cards visit their relatives. The joy truly is everywhere.



The old man with a sack

lighten bag
This man has become the human face of Christmas. I remember that while I was growing up, I was taught that Santa brings presents the night before Christmas but here in Nigeria, I guess we do have to go for a Xmas party in order to meet him to get our gifts. Attending Xmas parties without Santa Claus was an irritation. This was another joy of Christmas.

Christmas Fireworks

Lighting up fireworks in the air was a thing of Joy. In most places, countdowns are being done on Christmas eve and the fireworks are being lighted, indicating that Christmas is finally here.

Christmas Meals (Lunch/Dinner)

This treat is a major source of Joy during Christmas. Most people forget what the celebration is all about, but would never forget their Christmas meal or meals. These very tasty meals could however be very high in calories, sugars, unhealthy oils, fats and different types of meats.

Boxing Day
This is the day after Christmas. It is not actually a day of throwing punches as most Nigerians often misinterpret its name. Boxing Day is a day of sharing Christmas boxes to workers and friends and also opening these boxes.

Christmas could have both positive and negative impacts on our health. However, its a season of celebration and togetherness; so many believe that its positive effects supersedes its negative effect. Still have it in mind that Christmas can be one of the most celebrated yet equally stressful time of the year.

A General Overview of Christmas Benefits on Our Health

It gives you a break from all the hustles and bustles of the year.

It helps you relax properly if you so desire, due to the public holidays.

Christmas helps in reducing your stress levels through engagement in relaxing and enjoyable activities with family members and friends. Stress reductions have been linked with better cardiovascular health, improved health, and an improved control over weight gain.

Christmas also aids in enhancing your brain’s performance. It creates good memories that may store in the brain forever.

Known to be a source of Joy; Christmas helps in boosting joy, happiness and laughter which have positive effects on our health. It also improves togetherness amongst family members as many families make long trips to be with other members of their extended family and friends. For some relationships, years of disagreements and discord may eventually be smoothened out during this season. 

Christmas meals are tagged the “most nutritious” as they are a very good source of balanced diet, however, do not forget that such meals may also be high in calories and unhealthy fats and oils like we said earlier.

Hence, try to eat in moderation and watch what you eat carefully.

  • Most of the meals contain all the classes of food needed by your body to perform actively, however try to stick to meals cooked from the scratch as these are often times the healthiest.
  • You may also need to watch your consumption of carbonated and sugary drinks.
    Watch out for over-eating and avoid constipation.
  • Most meals served at Christmas time are real foods, which contain lots of protein which are important in body building.


  • Do not consume too much alcohol, as this may impair your judgment and lead to unwanted arguments, fights and  accidents. Also, too much alcohol has been found not to be good for the health and general well being of an individual
  • Avoid the overconsumption of junk foods or sugary foods as they tend to have a negative effect on health.
  • Do not overwork yourself trying to impress friends and relatives. Try to get as much rest as possible.

HealthFacts wishes you A MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

HealthFacts Merry-christmas