The well of health embedded in coconut(3): The nut itself.

In the first two parts of this series, we looked at the health benefits of coconut water and then coconut oil. In this we would be looking at the benefits of the coconut itself.

The coconut can be used for different things and can be eaten with different thing. Some use the milk gotten from the coconut to prepare dishes like coconut rice, others like me use it to drink garri, while some others eat it just as it as, as a fruit.

There are several natural occurring goodness that can be found in coconut:

  1. Coconut are quite delicious, highly nutritious and it improves digestion. This is partly due to its high fiber content.
  2. Coconut also aids in speeding up metabolism whilst providing an immediate source of energy. In our previous posts on coconut, we discussed how coconut has fewer calories and can serve as a source of quick energy boost.
  3. Coconut contains some anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, and anti-viral healing properties, it provides an excellent boost for the body’s immune system.
  4. There is healthy fat in coconut and this can be used to stabilize blood sugar, as it decreases any form of sweet cravings and increases insulin secretion.
  5. Coconut is also useful in lowering cholesterol levels, reducing the chances of heart diseases.
  6. Coconuts are also very useful in the development of strong teeth and bones as it increases the bodies’ ability to absorb calcium and magnesium which are needed for strong teeth and bones.

Coconuts in Nigeria are quite common and affordable. I encourage you now that you do know the benefits of coconuts to embrace and explore the many health benefits in coconut for yourself.

Enjoy the rest of your day!