Top 5 causes of Kidney disease

For more than one reason, Kidneys can fail. It is no respecter of persons, it affects the old and the young, male and female. Also, more often than not, kidney diseases are as a result of unhealthy lifestyle habits. A lot of these are common habits that people take for granted.

In this article, we will look at five major causes of Kidney diseases. One major habit is:

DELAYING GOING TO THE TOILET: When you delay going to the toilet and you store urine in the bladder, you multiply bacteria within the bladder rapidly. When this happens, the urine that ought to have been passed out re-fluxes backward into the ureter and entering the kidneys. Now, because bacteria has been multiplied already, these organisms go with it into the kidneys and over time, this can lead to kidney infections and also infections of the urinary tract.

EATING TOO MUCH SALT: It is advisable you consume only about 5.8 grams of salt in a day.

Salt spilled from shaker

CONSUMING TOO MUCH CAFFEINE: Too much of caffeine raises your blood pressure and this is not healthy for the kidney. Caffeine is a common component in sodas, beverages, soft drinks, chocolates and sweets. Pay special attention to the amount of caffeine you consume.

NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER: The kidneys need enough, adequate water to function properly and effectively. When there is not enough water, the kidney does not carry out its work properly such that toxins accumulate. It is advisable to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, you can take more. Moderation is key though, as excessive consumption of water is not good.


EATING TOO MUCH MEAT: PROTEIN: Protein digestion produces a toxic substance in the body, ammonia. Ammonia is very dangerous to the kidneys. It is important that you keep a check on the way you eat meat, protein. Too much meat, protein is unhealthy for the kidneys.