Unhealthy bathroom habits you need to stop immediately!

There are many unhealthy habits we have just inculcated as a people. Some we are aware of, but keep on still. Some we are totally not aware of. Whichever the case may be, now is the time to stop these unhealthy bathroom habits. Many times, we fall ill without knowing the source. Fecal bacteria and other germs like it from the bathroom are definitely responsible for some of these funny ailments we have.
Top on the list are:

  • Chatting/Reading/Tweeting and doing anything other than number 1 and 2 in the bathroom. Really, I know how addictive and tempting it can be to go in with a book and stay for an hour. It is very common and highly unhealthy bathroom habit. Apart from the fact that fecal bacteria and its siblings can land on your device, books, and what-have-you, it could lead to you straining when the urge isn’t there and this can lead to development or worsening of hemorrhoids. (which are bulging blood vessels around your anus area that many become swollen or bleed)
  • Hasty and Improper washing of your hands. I know Nigerians have the habit always rushing, especially Lagosians – always on the fast lane but really rushing out of the bathroom without washing your hands or hastily washing your hands (which is equal to not washing your hand anyway). Take your time to wash your hand and please use soap… Wash in between your fingers and underneath your nails thoroughly with soap and water and rinse properly.
  • Drying of hands with a towel that is not yours. So whether it is in a public bathroom or you go visiting, kindly ignore the hand towel there and use tissue paper instead. This is because most likely some other person(s) have used that towel to dry their hands and may have left their germs on it. So you drying your hands with it is you taking on their germs on your washed hands. So just use tissue paper to be safer.
    DO NOT dry your hands on your clothes either…

  • Flushing with the toilet lid open. Now some of these fecal bacteria we talk about are airborne and when you flush… there is the tendency for some germs to get out and land on surfaces around(which includes you!) due to the pressure with which the water comes out. So again, it is safe and advisable that you flush with the lid closed.

  • Missing the toilet bowl when you pee. Brothers especially… (You should have known the ladies can’t be in this alone, hehehe!) But really do your best not to miss the toilet bowl when you pee and even when you do, kindly clean up with a rug to avoid the room from smelling and from preventing someone else from stepping on that. But try as much as possible to ensure you don’t. I know you can do this (*high-five*)
  • Dropping your pants all the way down. Now, this is one really bad habit even if it is in your own personal bathroom. You have no idea of the kinds of germs that are on parade in the bathroom, It’s just best you leave them half-way and prevent them from touching the ground.

There you have it. So if you are guilty of one of these, raise your hand. If you are going to make changes, put it down.
See! even my hand was up and now is down… Let’s do our best to enjoy we adopt a healthier lifestyle even in our homes (especially in the bathroom)
Kindly share with fellow Nigerians and oh well, non-Nigerians too. Also, do let me know in the comment box other bad habits I may have left out.

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