6 top weight loss myths debunked!

No one wants to be referred to as fat. It is even quite hilarious to see that fat people take offense when they are called fat. I used to think fat means fat until I actually met people who are “fat”. I have since learned not to call anyone fat because it can be demeaning. With that said, quite a number of people that have large weights want to drop them DESPERATELY. Many have used played on this desperation to sell weight loss myths to them. It’s high time we put a pin in the balloon of lies out there about weight loss.

Below are a list of weight loss myths some of which even I believed at some points. Read and learn…

  • Weight loss is more biology than mere choice. Some people say things like, If you want to lose 20kg, then you will and you can. It is not always that simple. So many factors are involved in weight loss, some of which are not exactly within our control, like genetics. This is not to say it is not achievable, it is just easier for some than others.
  • Weight loss is a once-and-for-all process. That is absolutely untrue, weight loss is not a linear process. In fact, more than three-quarter of the people who embarked on weight loss programs gain it back and sometimes even more in a year’s time.
  • Carbs, fast food are all unhealthy. Not all carbs are unhealthy. In actual fact, whole foods with high carbs are really healthy options and low carbs diet can even aid weight loss. Also, fast foods now have healthier options, they aren’t “all” bad and fattening.

weight loss myth

  • Thin = healthy; fat = unhealthy. Now, while it is true that obesity does predispose you to some ailments, a fat person is not always unhealthy. Being aware of the risk factors can help you protect yourself better and who said thin is always healthy? It isn’t. Some fat people are very healthy and some thin people are unhealthy. Beyond the weight, diet and lifestyle also come to play in this matter.
  • Dieting is the way! No, no, no! Dieting isn’t the way, it isn’t even a way. Really, dieting is just preparing you for some serious weight gain in the future. And eating less or starving yourself or refusing to eat in between meals don’t help either because you end up eating more at your next meal.

weight loss myth

  • Supplements work like magic. Sorry my friend but it doesn’t. It would actually surprise you to know that the market is filled with so many unhealthy supplements. They do harm in the long run.

So in the end, weight loss is a complex issue. It depends on a combination of many factors. Big is not always unhealthy and thin isn’t always healthy. Beyond looking smaller, choose to live healthier.

Weight loss myths are everywhere today. Don’t judge yourself by just mere staring at the mirror or what your friends say. There is a way to know whether you are overweight or not. Find out. And if you are overweight, there are healthy ways to lose weight.

I am an open-minded writer with a flair for telling stories. I am passionate about public health and education. I enjoy good food, arts and crafts, music and travelling. I am particularly in love the electric guitars! For more details, send an email to info@healthfacts.ng