Usage of Earphones and The Hidden Danger


It is a well known fact that music is good for the health, as it lightens up the soul and spirit and brightens up the body  but when music is taken to another level it can become something to pay attention to. Most music lovers could go 20 hours listening to music regardless of where they are or what they are doing and most of these people do this by means of a mobile earpiece/earphone.

Music on headphones

These earpiece helps in reducing noise pollution by channeling the music directly to the listener. These days earpiece comes in different designs and dimensions. Some potentially detrimental health consequences can result from using earphones.



These earpiece are directly channeled to your ear and could easily cause harm and various ear injuries

Music played at a loud volume through earpiece could affect your ear drum thus affect your hearing. Volume exceeding 90 decibels can result in hearing complication and even hear loss. (Listening to music at a 100 decibels for up to 15 minutes would do)

Most earphones aren’t personal and are always shared by friends. Sharing earphones can easily result in ear infections. Bacteria from the ears of different people can be easily transferred.

Due to the fact that we want to jam up that our favorite song we fix in the earphones fully into our ear giving zero room for the passage of air which can lead in excess wax in the ear which can lead to tinnitus and other ear infections.

Most people who use earphones for a long period usually complain of pains in the ear. Also, long usage of earphones can result in numb ears.

It is not advisable tuning yourself off from the world. This has been known to be a major cause of accidents in our environment. We’ve seen, heard or recorded cases of accidents on roads where the victim was tuned off from his/her environment and couldn’t hear the honk from the incoming vehicle as a result of earphones being plugged into the ear.

Also, people who tune themselves off from their environment could be subjects of robbery and other environmental hazards as they wont be able to notice some happenings or little changes around them.

Since the inner ear is linked to the brain, a little infection in the ear can also affect the brain. The electromagnetic waves produced by earphones can cause serious dangers on your brain.


If at all you would love to listen to that favorite song with an earpiece

  • Avoid plugging them in for too long
  • Avoid using tiny earphones that would go in fully into the ear. Give little space for passage of air.
  • Avoid sharing your earphones with people. You could also sanitize them.
  • Do not tune yourself off from your environment. Avoid using earphones when travelling or even walking.
  • Avoid too loud music when using your earphones.
  • Change the rubber covers on your earphones when you feel they are already dirty. (at least within a month).

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Day by day, technology is moving ahead, enhancing our daily activities  but still leaving us trapped in luxuries and comfort with hidden bad effects on our Health. The music lovers could be endangered unknowingly by this little creation of technology.

Here we look at the dangers associated with earphones and certain recommendations.

Get to know how much is too much as we discuss the dangers associated with earphones.