Handy Tips On Gaining Weight

Obesity is one of the world’s biggest problems, however, being underweight could be just as bad for you as being obese, if not more. Underweight people are at a risk of certain infections, illnesses and diseases. Find out one healthy way to gain weight.

Funny the same way some people strive to burn calories and lose weight by regular visit to the gym and proper dieting is the same way a few others strive to gain a little weight. If only they could swap, most of them would wish.

Most people who want to gain weight would think that there could be a shorter and faster route by consuming junk foods, but this is totally wrong and unhealthy. Soda and donuts for example will sure give you the desired weight but can destroy your health. The good thing is that one could maintain a proper and healthy eating habit in other to gain that amount of weight needed.

The following tips will guide you if you are underweight and you want to gain a balanced amount of muscle mass and subcutaneous fat and not a bunch of unhealthy fat.

  • Rest – Proper rest is needed when trying to gain a required amount of weight. Try and get the body at rest in due time. Do not burn fat by trying to stay awake all night.
  • Consume more calories: As an individual who wants to gain more weight, you have to eat more calories than your body burns. About 700-1000 calories per day above your maintenance level should be targeted.
  • High Protein Intake:  Protein doesn’t only contribute in gaining height but also is an important nutrient for gaining weight. Protein forms the building blocks of your muscle. Consuming an adequate amount of protein is recommended to gain muscle weight rather than only fat Foods like meats, fish and dairy products contain high levels of protein.
  • High Fat and Carbohydrate intake: In order to gain weight, ensure you eat at least three meals per day and make sure you consume plenty healthy fats and carbohydrate.
  • Exercise: Sure, exercise is recommended for people who are trying to burn calories and lose a certain amount of weight, but it could also be a quick one for people who are also trying to gain weight. Certain exercise programmes could be recommended for people trying to gain weight. These exercise aids in building muscles rather than only reducing fat. You could try visiting a gym in order to improve your strength.

Several other things can be done in order to gain weight like:

  • Taking weight gaining supplements – While doing this, we ought to be careful while selecting the right supplement.
  • Consuming more milk – Milk is a good source of protein as stated earlier, and so drinking whole milk to quench your thirst is a simple way to get in high quality protein and calories.

Gaining weight can be difficult and requires consistency. Changing your weight is a marathon and not a sprint. It can definitely take a longer time and you need to be consistent if you want to succeed in the long run.