What Driving for too long does on your health

Commuting to several places, either to work, schools, malls and other locations could be a thing of joy to most drivers. But when your commuting distance starts getting too long, one would seriously have several reasons to complain.

Long commutes really get under the skin in terms of affecting people’s health. Commuting can be a huge pain in the ass, but what does all those back and forth actually do to your body besides putting you in a crap mood when you’re stuck in traffic? Studies have shown that the longer your daily commute,the more likely you are to have high blood pressure, an oversized wastline and other health problems.

Blood Sugar Rise
Driving more than 10 miles each way, to and from work is associated with higher blood sugar, and this can also lead to pre-diabetes and diabetes

Depression Risk Rises
By Commuting a long distance,you are at higher risk of depression, anxiety and social isolation.

Back ache
Spending hours a week slouched over in a car seat has negative consequences on your posture and back, as it could lead to back and waist aches. Drivers of longer distances are at a higher risk of developing back ache.

Temporary Spike in Blood pressure
Commuting during rush hour, especially when you are concerned that you might be late to work or an important meeting can result in temporary spikes in stress levels that jack up your blood pressure.


Though you can’t change your commute, or the fact that you are at a desk all day, driving has been a part of our daily lives. Other ways to reduce this risk include:

  • Daily walks
  • Use of public transport
  • Discovering shorter routes
  • Taking pauses after covering certain distances