What you need to know about vaginal odour

I understand that as a lady one of your “best assets” is your body. Certainly, you deserve to be treated like a queen and not ignored or put down in any way. However, there is that one thing that always makes you sad. It has affected your self-esteem in ways no one can imagine and maybe also your sex life. “If only my vagina can stop giving off that terrible odour,” you often say to yourself. Well, I sure hope this would help you.

Vaginal odour is simply the odour that comes from the vagina. Naturally, your vagina would normally have a slight odour. However, when your vagina begins to produce a strong odour; for example, a fishy smell, then there is probably a problem somewhere. A strong odour from the vagina, many times, comes with other vaginal symptoms and signs like burning, irritation, discharge or itching.


Many times, vaginal odour is observed immediately after having sex and also at various times during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Sweating can also cause this. However, in some other cases, vaginal odour can be caused by an abnormal growth of normally occurring vaginal bacteria (Bacterial vaginosis). This is actually the most common infection that leads to vaginal odour. Another cause is a sexually transmitted infection called Trichomoniasis. Poor hygiene especially during menstruation can also cause vaginal odour.

Other causes which are less common are:

  • Vaginal cancer
  • Rectovaginal fistula
  • Cervical cancer

Please understand that having vaginal odour without any other vaginal symptoms is a likely indication that the odour is normal.


Vaginal odour can be reduced. Basically, ensure that you maintain good, proper hygiene. Have your bath regularly using plenty of water and a very small amount of mild, unscented soap. Also, avoid vaginal douching as it can mess with the acidity of your vagina which helps to keep the vaginal flora in check. The vagina naturally cleans itself and so douching and even the use of some “feminine sprays” can affect this cleansing process.

If, however, you are disturbed about the odour from your vagina especially if it is a strong one, endeavour to see your doctor.

I sure hope this has helped you. Endeavour to share this with your friends and family. You never might know who might need this. Cheers!!!