World Sleep Day : Awareness on Good sleep

In conjunction with other countries in marking this year’s World Sleep Day which was themed “Good Sleep is a reachable dream”, experts have called for the enabling of good sleep awareness in the country towards promoting better leadership qualities.

Having noted that good leaders sleep well, experts argued that the average person spends approximately one third of his or her life in bed, sleeping.

The Group Managing Director of Vitafoam Nigeria Plc, Mr Taiwo while speaking at a forum to mark the World Sleep day in Lagos this weekend said good sleep habit was essential for promoting healthy living.

Adeniyi, making reference to the Mckinsey quarterly report of February, 2016, which states: The organizational cost of insufficient sleep” shows that sleep-awareness programme can produce better leaders, stated that traces of bad leadership would have been averted if the nation had better sleep awareness programmes.

Speaking on the importance of adequate and quality sleep on a regular basis, the Chief Medical Director of Caribbean Health Limited and guest speaker at the forum, Dr Patrick Ijewere, remarked that an adult requires an average of six to eight hours of sleep everyday while younger ones should sleep longer.

The quality of your sleep determines who you are the following day. If your sleep is good, you are a better person

He also stated that sleep deprivation can lead to many complications hence everyone should endeavour to have normal sleep irrespective of one’s nature of work.