4 + 1 healthy ways to bounce back after a breakup

healthy ways to bounce back after a breakup
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A breakup is painful. I mean whether it’s you or him/her or a mutual thing., it is painful still. You keep wondering what you did wrong and what you could have done better. And like anything else in life, if handled the wrong way, a breakup could lead to more breakups or worse things. There are unhealthy and healthy ways to bounce back after a breakup. Some people indulge in unhealthy habits just to move on from the pain. A lot of times, these habits have serious repercussions.

Healthy ways to bounce back after a break up

For instance, you binge eating or starving yourself because you are going through a breakup. Few months down the line, you end up either fat and worrying about how to lose it or with a stomach ulcer. Let’s even assume by then you have found love again, you still would have to deal with the consequences of your unhealthy choices.

Find out here some healthy ways to bounce back after a breakup.
  • First of all, go home. Home is anyway you are at peace with yourself. It could be your family or some friends or even an alone time. Just go home… Honestly, after a breakup is not the time to start jumping from place to place. You need to give yourself time to recover. Don’t be so hard on yourself and stop putting all the blame on you (even if you think it was entirely your fault).Don’t bottle it all up. You may need to spend some alone-time steadying your base. You could meditate, journal or even pray, anything to let it all out.

Healthy ways to bounce back after a breakup

  • Have an emotional release. Find someone you can talk to about it. Ensure it is someone you trust though. It may be a friend, or relative or therapist. Talking and sharing problems is a proven to be one of the healthy ways to bounce back after a breakup or any other emotional imbalance. If you want to cry, do so. After all, tears do cleanse the eyes and if I may add, the soul too.
  • Delight yourself in some feel-good foods. Dark chocolates are a super choice! Sincerely, dark chocolates have some feel-good components that actually act as a mood-booster. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are also members of the feel-good food family. They help keep both your emotional and physical health in place.

Healthy ways to bounce back after a breakup

  • Find healthy distractions and engage in them. I personally love to take a walk around where I stay when I feel upset or angry or sad. I feed my eyes, breathe in some fresh air and it does actually make me feel better. So, you could engage in exercises (light ones please. Now isn’t the best time to stress your body), soul music (or whatever music you like), arts and exhibition, meet-up with friends. The best way to ensure you don’t indulge in unhealthy practices is by indulging in healthy ones.
  • Finally, breathe! Take a break from the whole love thing for a while. Don’t just go boarding the next available relationship. Matters of the heart are best approached from a steady heart. You are more likely to settle in a better relationship when you are healed and whole. Allow yourself heal properly. Plus you attract the kind of person you are. You don’t want to go about attract people who are angry and broken hearted.
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Rating: 4.0. From 1 vote.
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