5 Foods That Cause Belly Fat

foods that cause belly fat
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Let us call them tummy blowers. Some certain foods are known to disturb your digestive system, cause inflammation and build fat around your belly. Some say belly fat is about the most difficult to shed. Let’s take a look at foods that cause belly fat:

Foods that cause belly fat:

  • Potato Chips and other salted chips. A bag of chips never leaves you satisfied. You just keep getting your hands on as many as you can. You could lose significant belly fats when you cut out chips from your diet.
    foods that cause belly fat
  • Sugary, carbonated beverages! Coke today, Pepsi tomorrow… All of this daily consumption of soda and other sugary beverages do contribute to building belly fat over time. Some people opt for diet soda in a bid to take soda in a right way. But then, there is the temptation of overeating because you think you have saved some calorie by taking a diet soda instead of the regular. Any how you do, cut down on sugary drinks.
    foods that cause belly fat
  • Fries. Whether it is fried yam, plantain or akara (bean cake), fries are major foods that cause belly fat. When you regularly feast on these fried foods, you are very likely to gain some weight in the “middle belt” region.
  • Refined carbs such as pasta and bread. These days, they are everywhere. From the 5-minutes noodles for breakfast to the sausage rolls we never miss in traffic, we are getting more and more used to fast food and junk food. They are very common belly fat builders. You have to consciously and gradually replace them with healthier substitutes.
    foods that causes belly fat
  • Foods high in sodium. Foods high in salt (of which sodium is a key component) retain too much water in the body, cause bloating and puff in the midsection. They are foods that cause belly fat. A lot of canned, processed foods are high in sodium in form of preservatives. Be careful of these too.


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